Conquerors Homes

Conquerors Homes Limited ia a registered private limited company with its base in Lagos, Nigeria.

As a company with core value for integrity and fairness to our estate subscribers, our goal is focused on building conquerors Garden City brand and mini estate across peaceful and commercial state of the federation, making it a new city home of glamour, splendour and delight to embody a vision for prosperity, fruitfulness, peace, harmony, happiness, security and order.

Conquerors Homes Limited is known for efficient and quick service delivery to its clients. With our rich, robust and diversified back ground as experienced asset managers with years of experiences, we are competent to solve your home ownership problems fairly and squarely.

As corporate professional in real estate investment and property consulting entrepreneur, our flagship services are the bulk purchase of virgin land and distribute same to interested subscribers for the development of their house within an estate.