How to Start a Business In Nigeria In 2017

If you know that at the end of reading this article you would not start a business, don’t bother reading this article. It’s meant for only those who are ready to do something.
The fastest and best way to start is to actually start. Start even if you feel you are not completely ready. Now that sounds too simple. Hold on lets break it down.

I have two major ways of looking at how to start a business, though they are somewhat related.
1. If you want to make money and get out of financial difficulty and attain financial freedom, at least in the nearest future. there is what you should do.
2. If you are looking at the long term and you want to live a fulfilling life (this is allegedly the better way to go). There is something you must do.

Where to start…
You might find this part as difficult as swallowing a bolus of eba without soup.
there is a right mindset, and that mindset is that you must be ready to work, to learn and to be flexible.

If your mind is right…the next step is…
If the short term objective of getting some cash flow appeals more to you. Here is where you should start.

The Market, not just that… A hungry Market…

Look, stop daydreaming about your idea, it might sound cool and catchy in your head, but the market may not want it.

A safer way to go is to give the market what it wants.
(NB: I do not support anything that leads to people living a lower quality of life than they should have. I believe the aim of starting an enterprise should be to make the lives of persons better).

Take a while to think about it, there is always a hungry market.
Think, what are people all around you craving for? (some of them are what you are also craving for).
what do men want?
what do women want?
what do businesses want?
with those and similar questions you should get an endless list of wants that need satisfying?

The next step…
Find a way to provide this need to those who crave it.

Here are some excuses you might manufacture and my response.
I do not know how to…
Me: you can learn..You have google and youtube
I cannot learn it, it’s too difficult…
Me: You can always find people who know how to and partner with them.
I do not know how to partner with them, even if I ask they might say no…
Me: have you asked yet? even if they say NO!… SO WHAT? ask the next person on your list.

It’s always toughest at the beginning of starting a business, but if you are determined and choose not to be stopped by silly excuses. You’ll make progress, even if it’s not what you want, but it’ll be far better than doing nothing.
you’ll have to learn the art of constantly throwing yourself out there till you make it.

A word of caution…
Remember what I said earlier on about mindset. you can’t foolishly do the same silly things over and over again and expect better results. You must be willing to change your approach.

After you find out what works….
Do it again…
Do it over again…
Do it over and over again…Till…
Till it gets boring.

This is where you will start searching for meaning.
You might decide its too late and resign to living a miserable life
You might find courage in your back pocket and find what meaningful to you and stick with it.
The downside, you would have lost time, precious time.

Now to my second way…
If you would live a very fulfilled life,
the first journey you would have to take, is the journey inside. To really discover who you are and what you were made to do.

It is when you discover your innate talents and potentials that you would be able to apply yourself non-exhaustively to whatever venture you are getting into. This is very true about business and about other areas of live.

You are a unique person and have something to give that you alone can give. No one can steal this part of you away from you.

The only thief that can make away with it, is your own self, probably due to your own laziness or your habit of making excuses and constant search for the easy way out.

A lot of persons jump this part, because it’s tough and unsettling. But if one discovers the real self and all of it’s life purposes, everything then has meaning.
Starting a business would no longer be a problem, because it because an avenue to give back to life the gift one possesses and thereby enrich the lives of other persons.

You might ask…So, should i wait to figure out myself entirely before I start a business?
I would not recommend that.

The way to go is to start where you are. You can follow the market, but don’t just chase the money, chase yourself too. Find yourself in the process and give more.

It’s an adventure if you choose to see it like that.
But you can’t have the adventure you see without starting.
Start something today.

I really want to hear from you, what market needs did you identify? What questions and suggestions do you have about how to start a business?

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